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A Biography of Helen Miller Bailey, PhD by Rita Joiner Soza
Preface My Search for "Doc" Bailey
Foreword By Francisco C. Rodriguez, PhD
Video From Book Reading 
October 26, 2013
Images Slide Show From "Doc's" Life


How I discovered one teacher’s infinite influence

Oprah’s webcast conversation with Eckhart Tolle had started ten minutes before I could get to my computer. I hadn’t known much about Dr. Tolle and hadn’t read his books; but, based on my husband’s enthusiastic consumption of “A New Earth,” I wanted to learn more.

As I pulled on my headset I caught the soft, slow voice in mid-sentence, “there was not a decision as such, rather an overwhelming feeling that I simply must begin to write.” Eckhart Tolle was responding to Oprah’s asking why he chose to begin this new project.

I hadn’t been prepared for this instantaneous connection. The sensation caused a torrent of tears, as fierce as unexpected. Dr. Tolle was describing exactly how the idea of writing Helen Miller Bailey’s biography had come to me—less of a decision and more of a compulsion to take on the work.

Many people had asked me why I was even thinking about Doc; I had no valid answer until that moment at my computer. Tolle somehow gave me the permission to continue to pursue this mission regardless of my basically nonexistent knowledge of my former history professor, Helen Miller Bailey, PhD.

My husband walked into my office just at that moment. I quickly wiped my tears away and exited from the webcast. I felt embarrassed, and a bit confused, this was just a little too existential for me, a pragmatist and business management instructor.


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Francisco C. Rodriguez, PhD

Chancellor, Los Angeles Community College District

While not new to The Golden State, I am relatively new to El Pueblo de La Reina de Los Angeles, better known as Los Angeles or LA. The majority of my youth and adult life have been spent in San Francisco and the Sacramento region, where I began my service as an educator and then administrator in public higher education. What brings me to LA is my new role as Chancellor of the Los Angeles Community College District, the nation’s largest and, perhaps, most diverse community college district; it also educates the country’s poorest community college students with over 65% of the students living at or near the poverty line.

I am a first-generation immigrant, English-language learner from a working class family. Like so many students of the Los Angeles region, my parents came to this country with little formal education. And like my own parents, these parents hold onto the dreams and aspirations of their children with a firm grip, all for the opt chance that the next generation will be better off than the one before. Access to higher education and the opportunity that followed was the door to personal discovery and professional exploration, and to renewed hope that was counter to the generations of poverty and isolation that my family and my ancestors unselfishly endured. Along my educational journey, I greatly benefited by being challenged and supported by great teachers.


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Readings from the biography of Helen Miller Bailey
October 26, 2013

This 32-minute video contains readings and photos from Helen Miller Bailey's biography which took place during the re-dedication of the Helen Miller Bailey Library at East Los Angeles College.

Helen Miller Bailey Library re-dedication on 10/26/13.

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